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Career spotlight: Agricultural engineer

Agricultural engineers are the unsung heroes of a vital industry. While farmers themselves receive much of the credit for sustaining […]

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A guide to the most lucrative jobs in engineering

Since 2000, many educators, students, U.S. government officials, and employers have focused intently on the STEM disciplines and the careers […]

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Spotlight on success – Seven leading female engineers

Like many the other fields it shares a name with under the banner of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), […]

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Most Exciting Career of the 21st Century: The Data Scientist Shortage

The supply of information stored digitally and accessible to web users worldwide currently amounts to around 4.4 Zettabytes or 4.4 […]

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The Growing Need for Advanced Water Treatment

Sprawling cities gave way to the built up of waste, including dirty water. At first, cities were able to control […]

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Editing Out Diseases with the Help of Bioengineering

Throughout history, humans have continuously made efforts to heal and eradicate diseases. In early, less modern times, […]

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UCR Graduate, Heber Nielsen

Heber Nielsen was an engineer already successful in academic medicine when he was accepted to the University of California, Riverside. […]

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UCR Student, Peter Do

Peter Do, system engineer for the U.S. Navy, was already overseeing the design, development, testing, evaluation, qualification, and production of […]

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UCR Graduate, David Butler

With a background in mathematics, David Butler saw an opportunity to expand his advancement potential by diversifying his skills. That’s […]

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Admission Requirements Deep Dive Webinar

Enrollment Advisors, David Chambers and Ted Kaake, take a deep dive into the admission requirements for each of the six […]

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Program Overview Webinar

Enrollment Advisors, David Chambers and Ted Kaake, present an overview of the University of California, Riverside’s Master of Science in […]

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