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Most Exciting Career of the 21st Century: The Data Scientist Shortage

The supply of information stored digitally and accessible to web users worldwide currently amounts to around 4.4 Zettabytes or 4.4 […]

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The Growing Need for Advanced Water Treatment

Sprawling cities gave way to the built up of waste, including dirty water. At first, cities were able to control […]

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Editing Out Diseases with the Help of Bioengineering

Throughout history, humans have continuously made efforts to heal and eradicate diseases. In early, less modern times, […]

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Major Corporations’ Growing Interest in Sustainable Product Design

There is no telling what the future holds for this country, but a drive towards sustainability is happening now. This […]

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Industrial Automation

Automation can help companies improve the safety and efficiency of their factories, minimize human error when steering ships and aircraft, […]

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The Future of Smart Grid Technologies

The current mode of transmission and distribution of electricity has proven to be unreliable and inefficient. This is because the […]

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