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Prepare yourself to become a leader in the growing field of data analysis with a master’s degree in data science from the University of California, Riverside. The online Master of Science in Engineering with a specialization in Data Science can teach you to distill valuable insights from sizable amounts of data. Coursework is designed to allow graduates to develop efficient techniques to identify, analyze and visualize hidden patterns within data groups to extract critical information.

Program Highlights:
Designed for Completion in 13 Months

100% Online Coursework

No Residency Requirement

Three Available Start Dates

Master of Science in


Master of Engineering


While a Master of Engineering Management program may focus primarily on business, our online Master of Science in Engineering delivers a calibrated blend of advanced technical skills and management strategy. The result is a transformational education that's building a new generation of globally conscious, innovative leaders in data science and data analysis.

Why a


We live in a time when the world's citizens effortlessly create enormous amounts of data that require storage and analyzation. From simple texts and videos to private financial and medical data, the demand for professionals with data science and analytical skills has created many lucrative possibilities.

According to career site, data scientists can earn approximate annual salaries of $100,000 to $130,000, while data visualization specialists’ base earnings start around $80,000 and can reach $100,000. IT data scientists have a median annual income around $93,000 and can work for a variety of companies, including IBM, American Express and Amazon, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Employment for data scientists is expected to grow 11% from 2014 to 2024, faster than the average for all occupations.*

*U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


Graduating with your master's in data science can lead you toward a variety of professional opportunities spanning several industrial sectors.

Chief Data Officer

Create policies for how your organization uses data. In addition to shaping big-picture data procedures, chief data officers are responsible for supervising analysts, computer programmers and their staff.

E-commerce Data Specialist

Both physical and online retailers collect data associated with purchases and consumers. Data analysts help retailers assess brand popularity, understand consumer shopping habits and make predictive product offerings, all while improving the overall consumer experience.

Social Media Data Analyst

Data analysts who dedicate themselves to working in the social media realm track how big data is consumed and shared after it's generated. They collect volumes of comments, pictures and videos from social networking sites around the world. Data professionals heavily scrutinize the data to help brands create more targeted ads and improve their online customer service.

Who Should Choose

a Master's in Data Science?

The data science specialization encompasses an extensive list of possible career paths due to the overwhelming need for data professionals in nearly every industry. Medical, financial, telecommunications, government, science and retail companies now require professionals for their data science, data analysis and data visualization departments.

Our program is conducted 100% online for your convenience. You can graduate in as few as 13 months without interrupting your current job.

You might even be qualified to receive financial assistance from your current employer. The courses aim to provide you with a sound foundation to meet the current need for data management and administration professionals. If you have engineering experience or a bachelor's in engineering, regardless of emphasis, we invite you to learn more about the data science program.



Our master's in data science features a curriculum focused on teaching the techniques of collecting and analyzing vast amounts of structured data to discover key insights.

CS 235 Data Mining Techniques
EE 243 Advanced Computer Vision
STAT 206 Statistical Computing
STAT 208 Statistical Mining Methods
CS 229 Machine Learning
CS 242 Information Retrieval & Web Search
PHYS 222 Data Visualization & Big Data Tools

*Curriculum subject to change.

Rankings & Accreditation

  • Rankings

    The University of California, Riverside has been recognized by a number of academic publications for a variety of different programs and attributes. In 2013, Leiden Ranking named UC Riverside No. 10 in the world for natural sciences and engineering. In its most recent graduate school rankings, U.S. News & World Report counted UC Riverside among the top 33 percent of engineering schools in the nation. The publication also ranked UCR No. 12 in diversity, an honor that reflects our longstanding commitment to cultural, professional and geographical diversity.

  • Accreditation

    The University of California, Riverside is regionally accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Regional accreditation assures students that UC Riverside meets the highest standards in terms of learning opportunities and a commitment to self-improvement.

  • Military Friendly

    Victory Media selected UC Riverside as a "Military Friendly School" for 2015, acknowledging our longstanding commitment to providing educational opportunities for transitioning veterans. The list recognizes only the top 20 percent of colleges, universities and trade schools that are doing the most to assist U.S. military service members and veterans as students.