Data Science Careers

Data Science Degree Online

Graduating with your master’s in data science can lead you toward a variety of professional opportunities
spanning several industrial sectors.

Young male data scientist in blue shirt smiling at the camera

Chief Data Officer

Create policies for how your organization uses data. In addition to shaping big-picture data procedures, chief data officers are responsible for supervising analysts, computer programmers and their staff.

Two male and one female data scientists analyzing data from charts while sitting at the desk

E-commerce Data Specialist

Both physical and online retailers collect data associated with purchases and consumers. Data analysts help retailers assess brand popularity, understand consumer shopping habits and make predictive product offerings, all while improving the overall consumer experience.

Female data scientist analyzing data on her computer while holding a pencil in her mouth

Social Media Data Analyst

Data analysts who dedicate themselves to working in the social media realm track how big data is consumed and shared after it’s generated. They collect volumes of comments, pictures and videos from social networking sites around the world. Data professionals heavily scrutinize the data to help brands create more targeted ads and improve their online customer service.