Environmental Engineering Careers

Environmental Engineering Degree Online

Environmental engineering graduate programs can help you succeed in a number of different career paths. Here are just a few of the professional possibilities.

Environment engineer inspecting waste water treatment plant

Wastewater Process Engineer

Design and implement systems and facilities that yield safe, healthy drinking water. Wastewater process engineers guide the physical, chemical and biological treatment processes that help provide clean water supplies for communities everywhere.

The UCR online environmental engineering graduate program provides cutting-edge engineering strategies to help you become a leader in wastewater processing.

Environment engineer standing in front of the deep water port


Draw on your environmental engineering background to analyze the relationship between precipitation, groundwater and the environment as a whole. Hydrologists participate in the advanced study of water resources and hydrologic data, playing an essential role in the development of usable water resources.

An online master’s in environmental engineering can give you the advanced skills to use environmental science to make a positive impact on the planet.

Two female environment engineers standing in front of the wind electricity farm

Air Quality Engineer/Consultant

Use your education to help create a healthy environment through the improvement of air quality. Air quality consultants focus on emissions and pollution testing and control to help industrial organizations conduct business in a manner that is environmentally friendly and compliant with government regulation.

A master’s degree in environmental engineering can provide you with the specialized knowledge to thrive at the forefront of air quality engineering.