Environmental Engineering Student Outcomes

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Our students come from a variety of backgrounds creating a multi-disciplinary learning environment that generates cross-functional engineering leaders.

“The knowledge I learned from my classes is very applicable to the work that I do every day. I liked the course content and professors very much. They inspired me to do even more of my own research.”

– Peter Do
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“This program has been one of the best experiences I have ever had. I was so happy when I was accepted into the program because I value the university and its great reputation. The instructors have been exceptional throughout the Master of Science in Engineering – Materials at the Nanoscale program. I felt such great support from everyone throughout the program.

I am so glad I chose this specialization because it connects with the work I do now and I am applying what I have learned.”

– Curt Allen
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“Taking the program online, I was able to do extra research to assist me with grasping the engineering concepts.”

– David Butler
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