Nanotechnology Engineering Curriculum

Online Nanotechnology Engineering Degree

The online Master of Science in Engineering is a comprehensive engineering program that encompasses both leadership strategy and technical skills. Coursework includes 16 credits of core engineering classes, plus 16 credits within your specialization, helping you tailor the program to your area of expertise.

To accommodate busy professionals, the online Master of Science in Engineering does not include a required residency. Instead, students participate in 4 one-credit capstone courses throughout the program, providing a rich learning experience that comes with maximum flexibility.


/ 16 credit hours

Engineering in the Global Environment (4)
Technology Innovation and Strategy for Engineers (4)
Introduction to Systems Engineering (4)
Principles of Engineering Management (4)

*Curriculum subject to change

Materials at the Nanoscale Specialization

/ 16 credit hours

Thermodynamic Foundations of Materials (4)
Crystal Structure and Bonding (4)
Nanoscale Science and Engineering (4)
Introduction to Microelectromechanical Systems (4)