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Peter Do

Data Science Engineering

Peter Do

Peter Do, system engineer for the U.S. Navy, was already overseeing the design, development, testing, evaluation, qualification and production of the submarine-based missile launcher system and equipment for the Navy when he came to the University of California, Riverside. However, he was searching for the skills to better manage large-scale projects with diverse, far-flung teams.

In the Q&A below, Peter discusses how he finds direct application of the knowledge he gained in his classes every day in his career.

“The four general engineering courses give an engineer a wide perspective of engineering application. The information you obtain makes you a more well-rounded professional engineer.”

— Peter Do

Would you recommend this program to someone seeking a master’s degree in engineering? Why?
I would recommend the program to interested students because you can finish the program in a little over a year, although you could take more time if necessary. The program gives professionals like me an opportunity to earn a master’s degree in engineering while working. I am employed full time and don’t have the capacity to go to a campus for classes. With a computer and the help of my student support coach, and Miss Kim Love, I can go back to school in a way that works for my schedule. I love that I can attend my classes while I’m traveling. With only a laptop, I can sit in my hotel and attend the lecture at night after work.

I speak with new students quite often. How would you describe your experience in the program to them?
The first time I read about the University of California, Riverside Master of Engineering program online, I called in and spoke directly with an Enrollment Advisor. After completing the application, sending in my transcripts and turning in all other required materials, I was accepted and worked with my employer to secure payment for my classes.

Not having attended courses in a while, I was hesitant starting the first day. My first class was with Dr. Fryer, who made the class very interesting. I passed my first classes and then increased my load a bit the next term. The program is great and organized so well. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

If you could speak to someone who is considering obtaining their master’s in engineering degree from UCR, what would you tell them?
If I can do it, you can do it. The knowledge I learned from my classes is very applicable to the work that I do every day. I liked the course content and professors very much. They inspired me to do even more of my own research.

Please describe your experiences with UCR faculty and instructors through the online program, including examples.
The staff and professors are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They make themselves available to their students anytime by phone and by email. All of the faculty I worked with made me feel like they were really invested in my success in the program.

Did you learn anything during the program that you have been able to apply to your current position?
The knowledge I gained from my program is definitely applicable in my line of work. The four general engineering courses give an engineer a wide perspective of engineering application. The information you obtain make a more well-rounded professional engineer. The four specialized courses expand your horizon and give you a chance to go deeper in a more specialized area of study.

Would you be willing to share your feedback with others?
Absolutely. I would talk to anyone about my positive experience at UCR. I have already had the opportunity to share my feedback at work during department staff meetings.